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A self-described “design geek,” Jessica Davis launched Nest Studio in 2012 after a frustrating search for beautiful knobs and pulls for her interior design projects inspired her to tailor-make her own pieces. Her first luxury hardware line, the Facet Series, and subsequent product designs quickly gained acclaim and showroom support, positioning Jessica as a sought-after designer for not only hardware but also lighting, kitchen and bath accessories and continued interiors projects.

Jessica draws from a wide range of design inspiration, based on insights gained through her youth living in Australia, Hong Kong and Dallas, and adult years in New York, Boston, Brooklyn and LA. She transitioned a childhood obsession with home design magazines into an Art History degree at Princeton University and a Master’s in Interior Design from The New England School of Art and Design. She started her career as a producer on Bob Vila’s “Home Again,” and spent eight years as a member of Wilson Associates’ New York and LA teams, where she designed luxury hotels in the US, China, and the Middle East. Jessica is especially influenced by the Bauhaus and Art Deco movements and the texture and dimension found in historic and contemporary art.

Jessica now resides in South Orange, New Jersey, with her husband, Scott, and two young children, Lucy and Bryan. When she is not working on expanding the Nest line and her design practice, she can be found gardening, managing the Airbnb suite in her 1879 Victorian mansion, trying out new design ideas and DIY projects, and searching for ways to combine Nest Studio pieces with her vintage furniture finds.

Nest Studio continues to develop innovative products that involve mixed materials and high-end finishes in a variety of sizes and applications. With the ability to forecast trends before they happen and the nimble production and sourcing capabilities of a small firm, Nest prides itself in being able to produce small runs, unique finishes, and bespoke items that are at the forefront of design. The fabrication of the Transparency Series involves mixing acrylic and brass to achieve a modern and unique look that remains durable and functional. The Step Series is forged, sandblasted and hand-polished to create multiple layers of dimension, mimicking pre-Columbian pyramids. Nest Studio works with a variety of design firms, customizing pieces for both residential and hospitality projects. The brand’s team of product designers and engineers strive to create designs that allow for the perfect blend of form and function.

By working with wood workers, jewelry makers, weavers and potters, Jessica is constantly searching for ways to innovate and evolve hardware design. She has sourced makers all the way from Hilo, Hawaii, to locally in Brooklyn, NY, collaborating with them to bring their artistry and craft into the hardware realm. Nest Studio works with these artisans every step of the way, combining skill sets, production methods and materials to ensure the pieces are not only functional but also form a cohesive, one-of-a-kind collection. The first of Nest Studio’s artisan collaborations – the Glaze Series – transformed ceramicist Jonathan Castro ribbed vessels into sculptural pieces for cabinetry, doors and furniture. The collection contrasts the organic nature of ceramics with the hard lines of brass turnings.

Entirely woman-owned and operated by a talented team of hard-working mothers, Nest Studio is socially conscious, relying on reputable manufacturers and suppliers to help create its unique and inspiring hardware for high-end interiors. Nest Studio’s employees are committed to the company’s core values of promoting design and family as driving forces, women in business and local community involvement.

In 2017, Nest Studio was proud to announce a partnership with the Youth Consultation Service, by offering a “moms-helping-moms” internship program. YCS pairs first-time mothers from their Nurse Family Partnership program in Essex County with Nest Studio for internships to prepare them for work in an office environment, providing them with much needed job skills, a flexible work environment and a steady income to help make ends meet. Nest Studio strives to empower these women, as much as they’ve empowered the business with their valuable assistance and help.

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