Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC)

Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission

The Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) is a government-appointed body, with responsibilities that include identifying and evaluating buildings, sites or districts in the township of Maplewood that have historical, cultural or architectural significance.

The members of the Commission (Commissioners), supported by the local government, are concerned with maintaining the physical evidence of the community’s rich history and the beauty of its built environment with the understanding that this is beneficial to everyone who lives and visits here. In a world of tear-downs and throw-aways, the work of the Commission is to make sure that Maplewood retains its unique sense of place by encouraging the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of the buildings that make up the historic fabric of the township.

The MHPC meets at the Maplewood Municipal Building on the third Wednesday of every month at 8 PM. Meetings are publicized and are open to the public. Commissioners are also available at a free monthly outreach event on selected Saturdays at the Grasmere Local History Center, located at the Hilton branch of the Maplewood Memorial Library, to help homeowners look into the history and architecture of their houses. Commissioners can also provide information and guidance to promote sensitive renovations to existing properties.

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