Famed antique window restorer, Paul Lewis. Paul will be a DYI Demonstrator at the re|source home show in Maplewood NJ on September 30, 2018. Produced by Carla Labianca and Lisa Danbrot.

Paul Lewis has been in the home and window restoration  and salvage business since 2002.  His company 2 Guys From Newstead is known locally as a one-stop-shop (for those who have been able to figure out how to get in touch with him) dealing with “everything” concerning Old Home maintenance and upkeep. Over the past several years the business focus has turned to window restoration, storms, screens and house parts salvage. Paul also  manufactures and sells interesting things made from old parts that may have been salvaged from a prior iteration of YOUR home.

“Most houses in town don’t need new windows. Often times windows are not painted shut, they are painted a little bit OPEN. This creates a situation where the windows don’t lock and they allow air to flow into your home. New window guys want you to believe that their product is the answer to your dreams. What they don’t tell you is that they change the whole look of your house, cost more than you can ever recoup on your investment, and are made out of an inferior product to what you already have. They also don’t have that beautiful old wavy glass that adds a ton of character. Your windows are the eyes of your home. We know how to make them work properly, we can seal out the cold air. Old sash windows were built to last forever, and forever has not yet arrived. So don’t pitch your beautiful old windows, fix ’em.”

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