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The Dirt Hacker vision is transformation of landscape design & care for sustainability and low maintenance on a budget.

Sustainable landscape is an approach that takes advantage of natural systems rather than fighting them. Focus is the soil, including microbes that nourish plants and sequester carbon. Take care of the dirt and it will take care of you. Environmentally friendly landscape can be both beautiful and easier to maintain.

Design Principles

  • Extensive use of native plants
  • Minimize inputs – maintenance, water, chemicals
  • Full season interest, design that is interesting and environmentally friendly any time of the year
  • Let the system of plants, insects and microbes work for you


  • Plant design: Front stoop refresh, screening, replacement of damaged shrubs or trees
  • Just moved in and don’t know where to begin
  • Consulting on landscape design & care
  • Organic lawn care consulting
  • Pot design

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